Types of Betta Fish

If you think about it, fish are the best pets that you can ever have. They don’t require much from you. There’s barely any physical exertion involved – you don’t have to walk them around, play with them or do much to entertain them. As long as you’re giving them the right amount of light, the ideal water environment and some nice props and tank mates, you should be good.

One of the most popular kinds of fish includes Betta Fish. Known for their glamorous fins and stunning colours which are eye-catching, Betta fish are available in many shapes and forms. If you plan to get them, it’s important to know the types, so that you can make the best picks. Before heading on to the specifics, let’s discuss what Betta fish are.

What Are Betta Fish?Betta Fish

Betta fish has the unique ability to breathe oxygen directly from the air and take in oxygen from its gills too. Consequently, Bettas can survive short periods of time out of the water and can inhale the air around them too. Not just that, but they are defined by their glamorous fins and stunning colours. Notably, they can survive in oxygen-deficient water too. They can survive in poor water quality, as well as small spaces, but they thrive in tanks where water is changed frequently.

What Do Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fish primarily feed on the water’s surface and a good diet for them would include a combination of proteins like bloodworms and shrimp. They should be given the ideal nutrients for healthy growth and vitality. As soon as Bettas start getting healthy, they show excellent colouration and longevity too. For that reason, it’s very important to take care of their diet. A high amount of protein and fiber should work for them.

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Betta Fish and Tank Mates

Unlike other friendly species, Betta fish are not schooling fish and will definitely fight with their tank mates, regardless of gender. They are loners and prefer to swim alone. They need comfortable spaces to hide, hence investing in aquatic caves can be a good idea. You can also have planted corners to make the Betta fish feel safe in your aquarium.

What’s The Rarest Betta Fish?

The rarest type of Betta is the fantail one which comes with two caudal fins. These are side by side, hence they resemble a fantail goldfish. They’re so rare that you won’t find them at any store and barely even get information about it.

The Rarest Betta Fish

Interesting Facts About Betta Fish

There’s a lot more about Betta fish that is yet to explore. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this inspiring and mesmerising fish.

  • Bettas like acidic water and warm water
    They get sick in cold temperatures which can suppress their immune system too. Hence, you should invest in a heater for them.Bettas like acidic water and warm water
  • Bettas have several tail shapes
    Since they’re one of the most unique fish out there, they have versatile tail shapes like double tail, half moon, crown tail and a lot more.Bettas have several tail shapes

Types of Betta Fish

  1. Combtail Betta
    This beautiful betta fish does not actually have a unique shape of it’s own, rather it’s more of a trait that can be seen on many other tail shapes. This type of Betta fish have fins that resemble rays which extend beyond the fin webbing which gives off a spiky appearance. Besides that, it comes in electric blue colour which can uplift the look of your aquarium.Combtail Betta
  2. Double Tail Betta
    This type of Betta fish doesn’t just have a split in the tail, but these fish are dramatically beautiful and are more prone to swim bladder disorder. Notably, these fish aren’t always same in size, hence you can buy the small ones and feed them well so that they grow with utmost vitality. You should provide them with a diet that will contribute to their skeletal structure.Double Tail Betta
  3. Veiltail Betta
    The veiltail Betta fish is the most common tail type in these fish. These fish have a long and flowy swooping tail that looks stunning. It comes with a translucent and shimmery appearance which resembles a veil as the fish attempts to swim. Moreover, it’s great for newbies as these fish are low maintenance and easy to find. They can be taken care of easily. The female Betta fish come with light colours and short fins.Veiltail Betta
  4. Spadetail Betta
    This type of fish looks like a round tail Betta, but it has a caudal fin that resembles a spade. The tail has a wide base which narrows smoothly. If you notice it carefully, it has stunning patterns all over its body and fins. The red colour oozes zest and energy which can light up your aquarium too.Spadetail Betta
  5. Delta Betta
    Delta Betta fish is known for its princess like look. It’s one of the most stunning fishes out there and the tail starts to narrow towards the body and widens toward the hip. It is triangular in shape and looks like the half-moon Betta. The only difference is that it has a smaller tail.Delta Betta
  6. Half Moon
    This type of Betta fish comes with a generous spread of tail that is approximately 180 degrees. The tail looks like the capital letter D and it also has wider dorsal fins as compared to other varieties of Betta fish. These unique Betta fish come with stunning hues of blue, black, white as well as red.Half Moon
  7. Half Sun
    Half Sun Betta fish is a result of selective breeding of half-moon and crown tail Bettas. It looks gorgeous and are territorial and aggressive too. You should be mindful of the tank mates that you plan to add as this type of Betta fish is very aggressive. The tail extends beautifully and has a 180 spread.Half Sun
  8. Rose Tail Betta
    Rosetail Betta fish is the type of Betta fish that is the hybrid and beautiful version of the half-moon Betta. This type of Betta fish has excessive branching on the rays of the fins and consequently, it creates an overlap which makes the tail look like a rose. If you want a unique and stunning fish in your aquarium, then you should go for this rose Tail Betta. The only issue that comes with this type of Betta is that overtime, it gets heavier. This aspect makes it difficult for them to swim.Rose Tail Betta
  9. Dumbo Betta
    This type of Betta fish comes with a unique and elegant look. It comes with brilliant striking colouration which can make your aquarium appear beautiful. Though they’re also available in dull colours like dark green, grey and brown, they look stunning regardless.Dumbo Betta
  10. Plakat Betta
    Plakat Betta is a short tailed Betta fish that is closely related to Betta splendens which are found in the wild. They come with a short rounded tail and generally remains small in size. Besides that, these type of Betta fish come in exciting range of hues like orange, black and many others which can be visually pleasing.Plakat Betta

Colour Variations of Betta Fish

Betta fish is popular because of the exciting hues that it comes with. It’s important for you to explore some of the common Betta fish colors. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Butterfly betta
    The butterfly pattern is when Bettas have a single solid body colour which extends into the base of the fins. The colour stops in a strong distinct line. The rest of the fins are pale which makes it somewhat two toned. The colour split can make it an exciting view to look at.Butterfly betta
  • Multicoloured
    Any Betta Fish that has more than one colour is deemed as a multicoloured one. This may include a combination of green, blue, red and white. The multicoloured Betta fish can vary in terms of size and breed too. But rest assured, they will make your fish tank look stunning.Multicoloured Betta
  • Dragon
    A dragon pattern is new and growing popular owing to its metallic appearance. The base is rich and bright, exuding confidence and beauty. The scales on the body are thick and metallic which creates a nice personality of the fish. These Betta fish look as though they’re covered in armoured scales of a dragon, hence they are given this name.Dragon
  • Bi Coloured
    A bi Coloured Betta fish has the body of one colour and fins of another colour. For example, if the body is blue, then the fins are likely to be white or red. Generally, Betta fish comprise of light-coloured body and dark fins, but they can have a darker tone whereby they have translucent fins but the body has solid colours. Nonetheless, in both ways, the Betta fish looks absolutely mesmerising.Bi Coloured
  • Neon Coloured
    Think of a neon-coloured Betta fish hanging out in your fish tank, wouldn’t that be an irresistible sight to look at? That’s true for most cases. A yellow Betta fish or even a bright red one oozes zest and energy which can light up your dull aquarium. Neon colours have a personality which speaks for itself, hence if you find a neon coloured Betta fish, hands down, you should go for it! You can get a blue Betta fish, a pink Betta fish, a red Betta fish and even a green Betta fish to make your tank look unique.Neon Coloured


All in all, it can be said that there’s a plethora of Betta fish available out there, but you should pick the one that assured you longevity and low maintenance in terms of care. If you do not have a lot of errands in your life, then taking care of the high-maintenance fish should be easy for you, but in most cases, owing to the hectic schedules, most people opt for an easy way out.

These carnivorous fish are a must have for all aquarium enthusiasts since this will not only add a personality into your fish tank, but it will also make your home interior look amazing. You can try modern home interior ideas like incorporating an aquarium into a corner wall to save space as well. That being said, it brings us to an end to our discussion. We hope this article proved to be beneficial for you and added more information to your knowledge about the luxurious Betta fish. We’re going to end it on the note that you shouldn’t forget that double the tails, double the fun!

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