Good morning, dear reader, if you just woke up or good night if you were ready to fall asleep but decided to explore the internet and ended yourself here, in which case this is the type of content that will make you sleep. You might as well be sleeping right now since it is so dull. But let us face it, disclosure policies are necessary, which is why this is here, and you are here, despite the fact that nobody reads them since they are so boring.

Who I am?

I’m an ichthyophile who wants to show my parents that I’m just as successful as Aunt Mary’s daughter and Uncle John’s son. JK!

What do I do on this website?

I write about significant topics for a highly trafficked website that necessitate a considerable amount of upkeep and has a lot of authors, according to my parents. Yes, they’re pleased with that type of “success” but in reality, I enjoy reading, writing reviews, and evaluating the stuff. My utterly useless talent gave me the notion to write about skimming and choose the best things.

About what I will be writing?

I write about the topics in which I am quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I am saying this again that my talent is that on one wants to adapt but there are definitely some standards to it. I write about fishes including what are the finest fish foods and aquariums to keep them in the most ideal and optimal habitat.

How do I make the selection of the best products?

I examine countless items, read information about each one, and then I select the top-one based on ratings and reviews. I spend time reading the disadvantages of the product in addition to the benefits so that I can examine any potential ambiguities.

What kind of links are on my website?

My website contains affiliate connections to Amazon.com, so if a user click on one of the links, I will receive a little part to help me get by in my mundane existence. Sometimes I buy my parents a modest present to let them know that I am capable of giving them the finest life possible too.

If you make a purchase via one of my links, would it cost you more?

Never ever it happens!!!

But it will undoubtedly make this poor soul a bit happier and satisfied with himself, since one can only imagine the suffering that comes from your parents comparing your achievements to those of your neighbor’s worthless ass son.

So, yes! I have never disclosed so much about myself to anyone. This kind of can-dour is not even shared with my significant other, which may be the reason why I have never had one. Anyways… Let’s pretend that I scribbled this onto a piece of card and handed it to you from below the desk.

Till further notice, yours,

Scott Evans.