Pros And Cons Of A Bow Front Aquarium

There’s no doubt that an aquarium that adds to the beauty of any place. Whether you place it outdoors or indoors, inside your room or in the lounge, it can immediately enhance the vibe of the setting. An aquarium exudes calmness and serenity. There’s a reason why aquariums in offices and hospitals are placed in the waiting area.

It has been backed up by scientific research that aquarium calms anxiety. Furthermore, if you’re a nature lover, you’ll love having one around. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of styles available in aquariums too.

From different shapes and materials to different sizes and a lot more. One type of aquarium is called a bow front aquarium. It is generally known to be a particularly unique shape of an aquarium.

What’s A Bow Front Aquarium?

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A bow front aquarium comes with a noticeable curve and a convex front wall. Instead of having a flat appearance, it is rounded off. The sides and back of the aquarium are standard, but some people may find it hard to get a clearer view. It’s a more expensive version of an aquarium and looks quite extravagant too. The unique, curved off shape is likely to be the attention grabber and can further modify the look of your home/room.

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Pros of A Bow Front Aquarium

Some of the advantages that come with having a bow front aquarium are mentioned below.

  • Makes the marine land look beautiful
    Since a bow front aquarium comes with a nice curve that oozes finesse, it will also make your fishes and props look gorgeous. A bow front aquarium can be a treat for your eyes, even though the view gets distorted, but it has the power to make the marine life look mesmerising.Makes the marine land look beautiful
  • Easier for big fishes to turn
    When you have a 100 gallon aquarium or even a 50 gallon one, you may want to keep a big fish in it too. If you do plan to get a big fish, then you should get a bow front aquarium as it will allow enough space for the fish to swim and turn around easily, owing to the curve.Easier for big fishes to turn
  • Plants can flourish
    Not only can your fishes benefit from a bow front aquarium, but your plants will thank you as well. If you have natural plants inside a bow front aquarium, they are likely to grow and flourish, owing to more water and space inside a bow front aquarium. This can ultimately create a beautiful look of your aquarium.Plants can flourish
  • Distinctive looks
    Unlike ordinary, rectangular aquariums, people will actually stop by and wonder where you got your bow front aquarium from. It catches the eye instantly and never fails to impress an audience, since it has unique and distinctive looks.Distinctive looks

Cons of A Bow Front Aquarium

Some of the drawbacks that come with a bow front aquarium are mentioned below.

  • Distorted view
    Bow front aquariums come with a curve, hence the view gets distorted. Some people claim that they get headaches and even eye aches when looking at it. For example, if you are sitting and watching it, then you will be able to view one side only – the front or one side only. You may have to move around to get a view of it all. This can make some people uneasy, instead of calm.Distorted view
  • Hard to clean
    People who have bow front aquariums claim that it is much harder to clean and maintain them, as compared to flat aquariums.Hard to clean
  • Hard to upgrade
    It’s also very difficult to upgrade your aquarium with new hoods or lighting, owing to the unique shape. It may be more expensive as well. On the contrary, this problem is unlikely to be encountered in a flat or rectangular aquarium.Hard to upgrade


Weighing out the pros and cons, the opinions of other people and general specifications of a bow front aquarium, it can be safely concluded that it is definitely not all glitters and gold.

However, if you want something unique, are able to go extra miles for its maintenance, and are able to deal with the shortcomings of having a bow front aquarium, then this should be your go-to. Many people even claim that it’s not so hard to maintain it and is much similar to that of a flat aquarium and the only difference is of the shape. Hence, you can make your picks accordingly. We wish you the best!

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