What Are The Dimensions of A 10-Gallon Fish Tank

Fish tanks are quite popular these days, especially when it comes to certain ones with specific dimensions, such as a 10-gallon fish tank.

10-gallon fish tank is commonly preferred by beginner home aquarium enthusiasts.

Being in a smaller footprint, a 10-gallon fish tank is easy to manage keeping hobbyists tied to the striking dimensions and gradually moving upwards.

If you’re a beginner and we’re looking to buy a 10-gallon fish tank, then this article will explain to you the dimensions of a 10-gallon fish tank so that you ‘refers exactly aware of its size and know what you’ll be managing once you get the fish tank.

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Dimensions of 10-Gallon of Fish Tank

A 10-gallon fish tank is great for beginners and hobbyists who wanted to buy a manageable fish tank.

Coming in at a small and compact size, a 10-gallon fish tank does not take up a lot of space, and is easy to keep almost anywhere in your office, room, or home.

However, before your plan on buying and setting up a 10-gallon fish tank, then it’s equally important to know its dimensions to ensure the right size and plan your space accordingly.

Let’s first mention the technical aspects of a 10-gallon fish tank:

Dimensions of 10-Gallon of Fish Tank

  • Rectangular size.
  • 20” by 10” by 12” (Length, Width, and Height).
  • Trim or Border.
  • 10 Gallon of Water Storage.
  • Weight of 11 Pounds When Empty (Approximate).
  • Weight of 100 Pounds When Full (Approximate).
  • Housing 5 to 6 Fish (Average of 1-inch Fish Size).
  • Smaller Fish Recommended.

Above are some of the common and most important technical and dimensional aspects of a 10-gallon fish tank.

Let’s dive a bit deeper now.

10-Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions: Overview

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A regular or standard 10-gallon fish tank comes in a rectangular form factor with the dimensions of 20 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 12 inches in height. While these dimensions are reminiscent of all 10-gallon fish tanks, other factors like the fish tank, the available equipment, use of the material, any added accessory, all contribute towards the overall dimensions of the fish tank.

One thing that is important to note is that, irrelevant of any 10-gallon fish tank with different design language or trims, the storage capacity of a 10-gallon fish tank will remain the same throughout all similar fish tanks. They will hold the same 10-gallon water in storage volume, regardless of the aesthetic differences between fish tanks.

While it’s common for aquariums to have custom sizes, the purpose behind a 10-gallon fish tank is to storage small fishes and being ideal for small spaces. Since the storage capacity is always the same, the design differences will remain minor.

What is the Weight of a 10-Gallon Fish Tank?

If we’re talking about 10-gallon fish tank’s dimensions, then it’s important to talk about its weight as well.

The weight of a typical 10-gallon fish tank can be divided into two aspects:

  • With Water (Filled)With Water (Filled)
  • Without Water (Empty)Without Water (Empty)

If we talk about a 10-gallon fish tank in its original or factory settings/ state, which is Without water or empty, a 10-gallon fish tank, on average, without being filled with water, can weight between 10 and 11 pounds, varying between the type of material used like Glass or Acrylic.

On the contrary, a completely filled fish tank can weigh approximately 100 pounds, varying from material to material.

Features of a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Features 10 Gallon Tank
Size 20” x 10” x 12” in size.
Weight when empty 11 lbs.
Weight when full of water 111 lbs.
Capacity 10 Gallon.
Fish Quantity 8 to 10 small to medium-sized fish.
Maintenance Intermediate.
Shape Rectangular.
Price Moderately priced.

Ideal Fish Choices for a 10 Gallon Aquarium

  • Guppy Fish: Guppies are a good choice for beginners due to their vibrant colors and easy care requirements. They do well in a 10-gallon tank and can be fed with flakes, live or frozen food. Additionally, guppies are known for their suitability for breeding.Guppies
  • Platy Fish: Platies are peaceful fish that grow up to 3 inches in size, making them suitable for a 10-gallon tank setup. Their diet primarily consists of plant-based a food which makes them great options for beginner hobbyists. It is important to maintain the right balance between male and female platies.Platies Fish
  • Balloon Molly Fish: Balloon mollies add uniqueness to any aquarium set in tropical conditions within a 10-gallon tank environment. They have an omnivorous diet including shrimp, bloodworms, and flakes.Balloon Molly
  • Serve Meal with Sparkling Gourami: Sparkling Gouramis may comfortably reside in small (ten gallons) environments showcasing peaceful environment. These fish enjoy diets rich on both animal/plant origins while considering clean water facilities highly beneficial.Sparkling Gourami
  • Pygmy Corydoras: Pygmy Corydoras, which prefer the company of others, are well-suited for a 10-gallon tank. They have a diverse diet that includes live, frozen, and dry foods.Pygmy Corydoras
  • Betta Fish: Betta fish are visually striking and are best housed alone in a 10-gallon tank due to their potential aggression. They thrive in tropical conditions and can be fed with live, frozen, or pellet food.Betta Fish
  • Neon Tetras: Neon tetras add vibrant colors to a 10-gallon tank adorned with plants. They enjoy flakes, pellets, as well as occasional live or frozen foods.Tetra Fish
  • Harlequin Rasboras: Harlequin Rasboras have silver bodies and are known for their resilience—making them an excellent choice for beginners. They happily consume various types of food and coexist peacefully with other tank mates.Rasboras

Essential Factors to Consider While Selecting a Fish Tank

  • Tank Size and Capacity: When setting up an aquarium, it is important to carefully consider the size and capacity of your tank. Choose dimensions that provide ample space for your fish population, offering a comfortable and spacious environment for aquatic life.
  • Fish Quantity: Take careful consideration when choosing the type and number of fish for your tank. Maintain harmony by selecting species that are compatible with one another as well as with the size of your tank. Adhering to stocking guidelines will help ensure that each fish has enough space and specific needs are met without overcrowding the tank.
  • Filtration and Aeration: Optimize your aquarium’s health by choosing the right filtration and aeration systems. Filters work to keep the water clean, while aeration systems ensure that fish receive essential oxygen for their well-being.
  • Lighting and Heating Requirements: Elevate the visual appeal of your aquarium and create an optimal habitat by selecting appropriate lighting options. It is crucial to maintain the correct water temperature, especially for tropical species, in order to support the overall health of your fish.
  • Glass: Annealed glass is a popular choice for aquariums due to its excellent durability and crystal-clear clarity. While it provides resistance against scratches, it’s worth noting that tempered or laminated glass offer superior shatter-resistance compared to annealed glass.
  • Water Chemistry: When choosing a tank, it is important to take into account water chemistry and maintenance. It is crucial to maintain the stability and health of your aquatic environment by regularly changing the water and cleaning equipment.

Storage Capacity: How Many Fish Can You Hold?

Storage Capacity

If we’re talking about the dimensions of a 10-gallon fish tank, then one question must immediately come to your mind, how many fish can one hold in a 10-gallon fish tank?

Based on the storage capacity itself, you can hold 5 to 6 small fishes in a 10-gallon fish tank.

It is not recommended that you keep large fish, being more than 1 inch in size, in a 10-gallon fish tank as the footprint of a 10-gallon fish tank is not wide enough to allow large fishes to freely move and float around.

You can keep more fishes inside a 10-gallon fish tank, if the size of the fish is below 1 inch.


A 10-gallon fish tank is ideal for beginners and for those who have confined spaces in their homes or apartments.

This article talked about the dimensions of a 10-gallon fish tank and what you should know, in terms of its size, so that you’re fully aware of its occupying space and take your decision to buy a 10-gallon fish tank, accordingly.

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