Most Beautiful Fish For Your Aquarium

Since over 70% of the Earth surface is covered in water and 96.5% is held in the ocean, there’s got to be a plethora of species existing in the sea. When you think about it, that’s the main essence of the ocean that adds more beauty into it. Those beautiful fish ooze vibrance and zest which can light up any dull room. You may be wondering how.

Investing in a good Aquarium lets you peak into the underwater world, and that too, from the comfort of your own home. The best part about it is that you can add any props you want, including grass, rocks and even fishes to make your fish tank look beautiful.

Fish come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. Since all of them are unique in their own way, each one of them have a specific charm that’s second to none. Before digging into the best fish out there, let’s first discover the benefits of keeping a nice Aquarium that has mesmerising fish at your home.

Benefits of Keeping An Aquarium At Home (With Stunning Fishes)

An aquarium is meant to imitate a natural habitat of fish. It would be stupid to keep an empty tank somewhere. It’s safe to say that getting some stunning fish for your aquarium would be great. Here are some of the benefits of keeping an aquarium at home.

  • Therapeutic
    looking at an aquarium with beautiful fish can give you peace of mind. It can calm and relax you which can help you in thinking more creatively. Not just that, but looking at the beautiful fish can make you awe inspired.Therapeutic
  • Fish is The Best Pet
    Since we all know that dogs have habit of barking which can disturb your sleep, fish are known to be quiet and rather give you peace at all times. Even cats can be quite noisy. Hence it is best to have fish as your pets. You can feed them, clean their tank and enjoy looking at them for peace and calmness.Fish are The Best Pet
  • Relatively Cheaper Than Other Pets
    We do agree that an aquarium can be super expensive. But fish are relatively cheaper if you compare the prices with other pets like dogs and cats. Even though some species of fish are expensive, most of them are easily affordable.Relatively Cheaper Than Other Pets
  • Beauty in Your Home Interior Design
    If you want your home to look stunning then investing in a nice aquarium can pay off well. You can incorporate the tank in your corner wall, side tables and even centre table to modernize your home’s
  • Low Maintenance Pets
    Fish don’t require constant looking after, walking or even play time. They are low maintenance as they only need to be fed properly, some of them need the ideal lighting and some aquarium props. Unlike cats and dogs, fish are relatively easy to take care of.Low Maintenance Pets

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What Makes Fish Attractive/Beautiful?

This is a very subjective question which will have many opinions. For most people, the vibrant colours of fish make them beautiful, while for others, the shape and size make them beautiful. Hence it depends from person to person. Generally, it is an accepted notion that the more vibrant colours a fish has, the more attractive it is.

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful fish that you can get for your aquarium to add more charm into it.

List of Most Beautiful Fish For Your Aquarium

  1. Goldfish
    One of the most commonly purchased fish for an aquarium goldfish are underestimated when it comes to size and beauty. These fish dance and glide underneath the water. Not just that, but they come in various colours that are not limited to just yellow or golden.Goldfish
  2. Marine Betta
    A unique specie yet the type that can light up your entire aquarium. Betta fish has a unique behaviour associated with its patterning. It comes with a large eye spot on the dorsal fin and they like to be in low light areas. They approach their prey sideways and they consist of nice colours too.Marine Betta
  3. Mandarin Fish
    Until new species are discovered, mandarin Fish will always be considered as the most beautiful ones. There’s a hypnotizing aura of this pretty fish and it comes with various colours too. They are high maintenance and need to be taken care of. They are normally small in size. The only drawback of keeping mandarin Fish is that they cannot be provided enough of their food source which is copepods.Mandarinfish
  4. Clown Triggerfish
    Another beautiful fish that you should explore would be the clown triggerfish. It is unique because of its colouration and patterning. It has vibrant white and yellow sporting on the black body which makes them noticeable from afar. They’re a bit boisterous too as they like to knock over the rocks and rearrange them to their liking. They require high protein diet as it is carnivore.clown-triggerfish
  5. Lagoon Triggerfish
    This is one of the most upbeat and striking fish. It has a light gray and ran body with irresistible gray, blue, black and green stripes. They are low maintenance and can look great in your fish tank. Please note that they cannot be kept in a reef tank and must be kept in 180, gallons at minimum. As they say, all that glitters is not gold. This fish can be destructive for your  aquarium as they can rearrange the decorations as they like or simply knock them over.Lagoon Triggerfish
  6. Ram Cichlid
    These beautiful fish are amazing for 10 gallon aquarium, even though they can fit well into a 20 gallon one too. They are low maintenance and super easy to take care of. They come in electric blue, black and even gold colour which makes them stunning. They can get along well with their tank mates, but are somewhat territorial too. They’re not that expensive either, so you can easily get them for your aquarium.Ram Cichlid
  7. Discus Fish
    This is one of the most beautiful fish out there. This has different colour morphs and patterns which makes it a vibrant fish. They are unique in their shape and swim upright like other fish too. Moreover, they are deemed as high maintenance, so they need a great deal of care too. They require a rich protein diet because they are carnivores. Changing the water becomes essential as their main food source is beef heart, etc.Discus Fish
  8. Lionfish
    These fish need a very large space to roam around. They are fit for 125 gallons. They require a rich protein diet as they are carnivores. They are highly territorial and opportunistic, hence the tank mates must be chosen with care. They are low maintenance and are easy to take care of. They can be easily fed as they can be trained too.Lionfish
  9. Regal Angelfish
    Regal Angelfish are known for their beauty. They come with striking yellow, blue and white stripes. They thrive in large spaces and are well suited to 100 gallon Tanks. They like a rocky and reef set up. Moreover, it should be noted that they prey on some types of coral, but this can be controlled by making sure that your fish are fed properly.Regal Angelfish
  10. Firefish Goby
    One of the reasons why people love to keep them in their aquarium is because they form beautiful colouration. They remain small, hence are best for small tanks. They are invertebrate and coral safe. They’re also deemed as a bit shy, but they’re full of personality too. They’re not that high maintenance, but do have some requirements like no predator mates, lighting being moderate and a cave to hide into.Firefish Goby
  11. Rusty Parrotfish
    Just by the looks of it, you can tell that this is one of the most beautiful fish ever. It comprises of myriad of bright purple, blue, yellow and green colours. They make vibrant fish and they settle in the coral reefs present in the red sea and Indian Ocean. The blue and green hues are mesmerising to look at.Rusty Parrotfish
  12. Powder Blue Tang
    This fish is herbivorous in nature and it displays aggressive behaviour if faced with a predator fish or surgeonfish in its way. It has blue sides, while the fins may be yellow. It comes with nice blend of colours which can beautify your tank even more. Besides that, you can tell how healthy this fish is by the intensity of the blue colour of the fish. These fish are quite demanding as they have a strict diet routine.Powder Blue Tang
  13. Paradise Fish
    As the name suggests, this fish is covered in bright blue and red stripes. It loves to hang around in densely populated plants, hence if you plan to keep them, then you should add aquatic plants or artificial ones. These fish are ideal for beginners, but can be aggressive. You should select the tank mates carefully.Paradise Fish


That brings an end to our discussion. All the above-mentioned fish are ideal for an aquarium and they have their pros and cons. They come with stunning colours which can make your aquarium look amazing. Take no risks and invest in one of these fish as they’re going to modify the look of your home and even office (in case you’re getting it for your office).

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