How Do You Clean A 100 Gallon Fish Tank – Best Tips In 2024

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own private window through which, you can look at the underwater world? That is possible through a 100 Gallon Aquarium. A 100 Gallon Aquarium is a room for limitless possibilities. Not only can you add as many decorative pieces as you’d like, but as many dishes as you want too! Moreover, it is like having your personal beach or river at your home.

If there’s one thing that catches the attention of anyone within seconds, it would be an aquarium. Filled with exciting aspects about sea life and having fish as your pets, owning an aquarium is no joke. As much as it looks pretty fascinating, you’d be surprised to know that it takes a lot of manual labor for its maintenance which is required frequently.

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Factors To Consider For Maintaining 100 Gallon Fish Tank

Here are some aspects that need to be kept in your mind, if you already have a 100 Gallon Aquarium.

  • Location of the Aquarium
    It’s important to consider relocating your Aquarium if it is placed at an inappropriate location. Since a 100 gallon aquarium can weigh over 1000 pounds when filled with fish, aquarium decor, and water, the location must be able to support the weight. Along with that, direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent temperature spikes and algae formation.Location of the Aquarium
  • Types of Fishes to Keep
    Since it is huge, we know, you might assume that you can simply add any fish that you want. Be mindful of the fact that some fishes love communities, while others like flowerhorn need to be kept alone. Next time you see your fishes weirded out in the aquarium, know that it is time to replace them with community loving ones.Types of Fishes to Keep
  • Aeration and Filtration Needs
    If you’ve added many fishes in the aquarium, then it may be time to consider the aeration needs too. This is because you need to supply more air for their good health or else their lives can be at stake. Moreover, if you’ve added more fishes, you may want to install proper filtration system too. Some fishes require more than the others, so look into this.Aeration and Filtration Needs

How Often Do You Clean A 100 Gallon Aquarium?

You should ideally clean your aquarium at least once a month. For that purpose, you should use an aquarium vacuum to clean the gravel. You should also use a sponge to remove excess algae from the sides of the aquarium. Moreover, you should test pH levels along with nitrate and ammonia to ensure that they remain steady every month.

How Do You Clean A 100 Gallon Fish Tank?

Your aquarium can get polluted and dirty from time to time. This is the reason why its maintenance is immensely important. If you change the water frequently and clean the filter, the pollution element gets eliminated from the water inside an aquarium. This enables the fish to live a long life and enjoy better quality of life too, as the water is not polluted or hazy.

Another factor that you need to keep in your mind would be not to overfeed the fish. You may get tempted to feed them a lot more than recommended, but you’re doing more harm to them instead of doing good. Not only can overfeeding kill your fish, but it can pollute your aquarium too.

  • Efficient Filtration System
    Invest in a good filter because your aquarium’s filter will keep the water clean and will eliminate the debris and waste, hence a filter with chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration elements will work best.Dirty Filters
  • Stable Temperature
    For the well-being of your fish, a stable temperature in the water is essential. By keeping the container away from cooling vents and direct sunlight, you can prevent extreme fluctuations. While saltwater fish prefer 75°F-80°F, freshwater fish thrive at 72°F-82°F. To maintain an appropriate temperature, learn about the particular needs of your fish species and, if necessary, make an investment in a heater.Stable Temperature
  • Insert Heater
    Since fish cannot control their body temperature, a heater is essential for maintaining the proper water temperature in your aquarium. Tetra HT heaters have low-voltage thermostats and LED indicators (red for warmth, green for standby) to maintain a constant 78°F in the water without the need for manual adjustments.
    To avoid under-heating, be sure to select the right heater size for your tank. To keep the heat in, a hood or the glass canopy is also necessary. Additionally, Tetra HT Heaters have security features like automatic shutoff in the event of an electrical problem, guaranteeing the security of your tank.Insert Heater
  • Ph Balance
    Maintaining the proper pH balance in the tank is crucial for the welfare of your fish. To check for acidity or alkalinity, use a pH test kit. While fish in saltwater prefer a pH of 7.6–8, freshwater fish do best at 6.6–6.8. Check the levels of nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia as well, taking into account the particulars of your tank. Consult our pet counsellors for individualised guidance.Ph Balance
  • Food Quality
    You should feed your fishes the best quality of food so that their digestion is more efficient. You should be feeding them on a strict schedule too. Moreover, the food that is not eaten after 10 minutes should be strained out to avoid polluting the aquarium.Control Feeding Habits
  • Replace Water Every Week
    Replace your tank with new and fresh water every 2-3 weeks for an optimal environment for the fishes. Furthermore, add snails and oysters into the tank for natural cleaning. Some species nibble algae, hence this will naturally reduce the pollution in the aquarium.Keep Water Clean
  • Add Cleaned Décor Items
    It’s rewarding to improve the aesthetics of your aquarium. For the comfort of your fish, create a harmonious environment with a variety of plants, add eye-catching focal points like white anemones or elaborate mushrooms, and provide shelter with ornamental caves and tunnels.
    Clean the props whenever you get the chance. A good-looking aquarium will have a lot of props like grass and rocks, but they will look bad if they’re covered in algae. Hence wash them frequently.
    Your aquarium will become appealing due to these little touches!Wash and Air-dry Aquatic Decorations and Plants
  • Avoid Algae Build up
    Algae buildup can degrade the water quality and appearance of your tank. Discover practical methods to manage and control algae growth in your aquarium. Important techniques for keeping your tank fresh and your fish healthy include routine cleaning, keeping proper lighting, and using organisms that consume algae.Algae Overgrowth
  • Clean Outside of Aquarium
    Don’t just clean the interior of the aquarium. The outside matters too. Generally made up of glass, make sure there’s no dust, fingerprints, or residue on the glass, to create a pristine look.Clean Outside of Aquarium

Top 3 100 Gallon Tank

1. Red Sea Reefer 425 XL

The Red Sea Reefer 425XL is a high-quality rimless saltwater aquarium that comes with a sump and overflow. With its spacious 4-foot length, it provides ample space for creative aquascaping. The pre-assembled piping eliminates the need for gluing, while the updated models feature a well-designed sump with an ATO container to optimize equipment placement and wire management. This aquarium is an excellent option for those looking for a hassle-free setup of premium quality.

Red Sea Reefer 425 XLQuick view on SaltwaterAquarium
Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

2. INT 100

The INT 100 by Innovative Marine is an impressive all-in-one aquarium that stands out for its internal overflow system. It incorporates a bean animal drain to enhance safety measures. With a capacity of 100 gallons and measuring at 4 feet long, it offers ample space for aquatic life. The included lightweight anodized aluminum stands are not only durable but also easy to put together. However, please note that sumps are not part of the package.

Int 100Quick view on SaltwaterAquarium
Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

3. Waterbox 4820 Peninsula

Peninsula aquariums, such as the Waterbox model, are perfect for spacious areas like living rooms or room dividers. This tank can hold up to 100 gallons and is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments. It features a drain system inspired by bean animal-style drains, which is superior to traditional options. The included sump has dual filter socks that work well with freshwater setups, as well as a skimmer and refugium section designed specifically for reef tanks.

Waterbox 4820 PeninsulaQuick view on Waterbox Aquariums
Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


Finally, it can be concluded that a 100 gallon aquarium can be maintained if you take care of it on a daily basis. For example, if you notice uneaten food for hours, strain it immediately. If you clean it everyday because of small things, you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning which is rigorous, time consuming and energy draining.


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