The Best Food For Gold Fish – How Much And When To Feed Them

Whether you’re a newbie in owning a goldfish or a devoted goldfish fanatic, feeding your aquatic friends the proper food is crucial.

Due to their varied dietary requirements, goldfish meals must be carefully planned. Contrary to popular belief, our research shows that floating food is in fact a good option and is favored by many finned friends.

This blog delves into the art of what to feed goldfish when to feed goldfish, what fruits can goldfish eat, and the best goldfish food

Let’s get started!

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What to Feed Goldfish?

Goldfish are considered the cool and calm fish for aquarium hobbyists to keep in their tanks. However, if you want to enjoy their peaceful temperament, you must know what to feed goldfish.

Here are a couple of options for what to feed goldfish;

Flakes: Go-To Goldfish Food

Although healthy goldfish food like flake foods are a common option for what to feed goldfish, many of their nutrients dissolve into water before being consumed. Choose nutrient-dense flakes in smaller amounts to combat this and reduce wastage.

Pellets: Floating and Sinkable Goldfish Food

In terms of nutrient retention and resistance to disintegration, pellets perform better than flakes. Consuming sinking pellets, as healthy goldfish food is perfect for submerged use, improves health by reducing air ingestion. Additionally, surface feeders are catered to by floating pellets. Your goldfish will eat a balanced diet if you choose the right pellets for what to feed goldfish.

Goldfish Live Food

Live foods promote natural foraging behaviors that are crucial for the health of your goldfish because they mimic the diet of wild fish. These frequently protein-rich healthy goldfish food support their general health and development. Introducing live foods for what to feed goldfish enriches the diet of your aquatic pets.

Frozen goldfish food

Options that are healthy goldfish food such as freeze-dried offer the benefits of live food with more convenience. The process of freeze-drying preserves nutrients while simplifying storage. With this compromise, you can give your goldfish the advantages of live foods without having to deal with the difficulties of maintaining insects or crustaceans.


Especially for double-tailed goldfish varieties, vegetables are a beneficial addition to the answer of what to feed goldfish. Unshelled peas can help with constipation, and blanching tougher vegetables increases consumption. Vegetables are healthy goldfish good as they improve digestion and supply necessary fiber.

Plant and Algae Waste

You can add extra plants and algae to your goldfish’s diet. When introducing these options for what to feed goldfish, be careful where you place them and take size variations into account to avoid any potential problems. This strategy benefits both your goldfish and the aquatic ecosystem.

The Best Food For Goldfish

1. Super Gold Gel Food by Repashy

Super Gold Gel Food by Repashy
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Repashy is a top-tier gel food company that puts fish health first by using high-quality ingredients. The inclusion of nutrient-rich spirulina makes it the best goldfish food. The process of preparing this healthy goldfish food is quick and lasts up to a week.



  • Nutrient balance between plants and animals
  • Comparatively inexpensive to Gargeer
  • Simple batching allows for safer sinking feeding
  • Allows for easy portion control
  • Requires planning ahead.
  • Mixing can produce a pungent odor.


2. Complete Gargeer Goldfish Gel Diet for Goldfish

Complete Gargeer Goldfish Gel Diet for Goldfish
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Gargeer offers a solid formula with high-quality ingredients, despite being fairly new. Their best goldfish food boasts a well-balanced mixture of plant and animal ingredients, including green peas and spirulina, as well as animal-based sources like menhaden fish meal and black soldier fly larvae.



  • Choice of premium ingredients.
  • Convenient batching for a week’s worth of supply.
  • By sinking, ensures safer feeding.
  • Enables easy portion control.
  • Exclusively made in the United States.
  • Less affordable than Repashy.
  • Requires planning ahead.
  • Combining could produce an odor.


3. Saki-Hikari

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Saki-Hikari Fancy’s best goldfish food comes out on top for a top-notch daily diet for goldfish. These 3mm sinking pellets are designed for the best health of goldfish. This healthy goldfish food aid in digestion and support gut health because they contain probiotics, wheat germ, and seaweed. Saki-Hikari is a favorite among goldfish lovers because it is fortified with vitamins E and C, which strengthen immunity to diseases.



  • Rich In Vitamin C and E that offers outstanding  support for the immune system.
  • Balanced formula offering rapid assimilation and improved growth.
  • Effectiveness may be reduced when when interruptions occurs with the daily usage.
  • Mixing of this Saki-Hikari Goldfish Food with other diets, does not allow the Hikari Germ to flourish and perfrom well.


4.  Xtreme Spirulina Crave Flake

Xtreme Spirulina Crave Flake
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Spirulina is a nutrient-rich blue-green algae that can be used to produce the best goldfish food in flakes form that fish adore. Spirulina is a natural healthy goldfish food that is high in protein, iron, beta carotene, vitamins, and fatty acids. The flakes can be easily crumbled for consumption by goldfish fry. Hikari Algae Wafers, a well-balanced combination of proteins and vegetables including seaweed, alfalfa, and spirulina, is an alternative if sinking food is preferred.



  • Utilizes the spirulina’s nutritional advantages, which include its high protein, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin, and fatty acid content.
  • It works well for goldfish fry and can be broken up into smaller pieces.
  • Can only be used for plant eating (Herbivore) fishes.


5. Hiakri Gold Koi Food

Hiakri Gold Koi Food
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Goldfish, who share a genetic heritage with koi, are well matched by Hikari Gold koi food. This best goldfish food consisting of premium floating pellets, designed for cold water pond fish, encourages rapid digestion in chilly climates. This inexpensive but healthy goldfish food choice encourages goldfish to grow to their full potential because it is designed to improve body condition and colors while preventing unhealthy fat buildup.



  • Designed for cold-water fish, ensuring simple digestion even in chilly conditions.
  • Improves the condition and color of the body while avoiding excessive fat buildup.
  • A cost-effective choice that is appropriate for daily feeding and encourages healthy growth.
  • Designed for cold-water pond fish, it may not be the best option for all species of goldfish.



6. Freeze Dried Daphnia Fish Food

Freeze Dried Daphnia Fish Food
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Freeze Dried Daphnia Fish Food is an excellent best goldfish food option because it is nourishing and delicious. The freeze-drying process maintains nutrition and flavor while fortifying foods with multivitamins to reduce stress and its associated illnesses. It improves the diet of coldwater tropical and aquatic creatures and is ideal as a treat for healthy goldfish food.



  • Multivitamin-rich treat packed with nutrients to lower stress and improve fish health.
  • Suitable for a variety of fish species, including coldwater, tropical, and marine varieties..
  • Fish used to live or frozen foods may not do as well with freeze-dried foods.
  • Depending on the species of fish, portion control may be required to avoid overfeeding and problems with the water’s quality.

When to Feed a Goldfish?

When to feed a goldfish, is a question for which the answer varies every time, depending on your goldfish’s health.

However, 2-3 daily meals are required to create a balanced feeding schedule for when to feed a goldfish. Avoid overfeeding because it can lead to digestive issues and tank pollution.

A good rule of thumb for when to feed a goldfish is to give them an amount they can consume in two minutes or that is equal to the size of their eyes. This procedure of when to feed a goldfish promotes healthy eating and maintains tank cleanliness. As your goldfish get older, adjustments might be required. After feeding, pay attention to how they act to adjust their eating schedule.

How Much to Feed Goldfish?

Are you unsure of the ideal goldfish serving sizes? Risks come with overeating.

Goldfish, who do not have stomachs like humans, will eat continuously if there is food available. An extensive trail of excrement indicates that excessive intake causes blocked intestines and swim bladder problems.

Feed goldfish in small amounts, two to three times per day. Avoid feeding them more food than they can consume in a minute of gradual addition of tiny food pinches.

After feeding, remove any uneaten food from the tank because it can rot and contaminate the water. Feeding is advisable before a water change so that any uneaten food can be removed. Because metabolism slows down in cold water, goldfish need less food when the weather is cooler. Keep in mind that feeding less is safer than feeding more.

What Fruits Can Goldfish Eat?

When it comes to fruits, you must be wondering what fruits can goldfish eat.

Well, all fruits that provide both vitamins and minerals are good options for what fruits can goldfish eat.

Yet, if you specifically need what fruits can goldfish eat, it includes; Grapes, oranges,  watermelon,  corn,  apples, bananas,  raspberries,  strawberries, pears, and mangoes are among the variety of fruits on this list. To maintain a balanced diet and maintain the harmony of their health and tank environment, these treats should be provided in moderation – small portions on occasion.

Can Goldfish Eat Koi Food?

As members of the carp family, koi fish and goldfish have many things in common and frequently coexist peacefully in ornamental ponds.

However, at times there is a question Can goldfish eat koi food? Well, their dietary requirements do differ, though. There is a catch even though goldfish and koi can occasionally share food.

Koi food, which contains more protein, is not the best food for goldfish. The higher amount of protein could affect goldfish’s health. Additionally, if competing with fast-moving koi, goldfish’s slower rate of nutrient consumption might be detrimental.

Thus, to sum up, can goldfish eat koi food – yes they can but occasionally and only when given small amounts!

How Long Can Goldfish Go Without Food?

Wondering how long goldfish can survive without food? There are three methods for feeding your fish while you’re away if you’re preparing for a trip. The food can be automatically fed to fish at regular intervals, but malfunctions that cause overfeeding should be avoided.

It is advised to use a product like the Hygger Programmable Fish Food Feeder. A feeding block is an additional option, but these can contaminate water and alter parameters.

Amazingly, goldfish can go for long stretches without eating. In general, leaving them unfed is acceptable for trips up to two weeks. Enlist a friend or neighbor for longer vacations, but make sure they are knowledgeable about proper feeding.


In the end, we would like to add that choosing the right food for your goldfish among the variety of options requires careful consideration. The health of your fish depends on carefully reading the ingredient label before impulsively choosing an item based on appearance.

Thus, make sure you are choosing the appropriate product for your goldfish by checking the ingredients and other essential details!

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